1. How do I list my land on Malaysialand2u.com?

Land can be listed on the Malaysialand2u.com website by contacting hktee78@gmail.com.

Malaysialand2u.com is a comprehensive land marketing program with extensive offline and online marketing tools through our substantial network of buyers, Should you wish to inquire more information on how to list your land with Malaysialand2u.com, please contact us at hktee78@gmail.com.

2. Do I have to pay a fee for listing my land on Malaysialand2u.com?

No listing fees shall be charged. However, the standard real estate agency fees shall apply for any successful sale transaction introduce by malaysialand2u.com

3. I am a Developer. How can I get involved with Malaysialand2u.com, perhaps advertise in Malaysialand2u.com website?

Please contact us at hktee78@gmail.com.

4. How do I purchase a land from Malaysialand2u.com?

Land can be purchased from the broker who listed the land in the Malaysialand2u.com. Simply email or call the broker directly. They will be happy to assist you. If you are unsure about your land and real estate needs or are considering multiple locations and would like to begin your search by talking with a Malaysialand2u.com representative, contact hktee78@gmail.com

5. How do I contact Malaysialand2u.com?

Tee HK

Mobile : +6012-628 0798
Email  : hktee78@gmail.com

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