Malaysia Searches for More Foreign Investments

Bursa Malaysia, the stock exchange in Kuala Lumpur, hopes to generate larger market capitalization. Malaysia’s Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Donald Lim has called for more Chinese corporations to get listed on the nation’s stock exchange.

He explained that China is the world’s second largest economy and that more China-based initial public offerings can “deepen and broaden” the market.

Malaysia intends to upgrade its economic standing in global business rankings by encouraging more stock market investments and to add more public-listings of companies on its stock exchange.

For many years, Malaysia appeared to be lagging behind its closest neighbor, Singapore, although the country can lay claim to lower labor costs, cheaper land and more coastline area for its ports.

After Singapore became a sovereign city-state, it has developed from third world to first world status by centralizing its government to ensure greater transparency, root out corruption and enforce stringent regulations on businesses to provide a fair platform for foreign direct investments. The Singapore Stock Exchange has captured a remarkable reputation worldwide.

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